This year DMK Russia Face Facts style conference was hugely attended by long time DMK Dermatologists from all over Russia and the “stan” countries plus many new younger doctors.  The theme was showing combinations of new medical aesthetic innovations and DMK treatments .

This included pre and post-surgery treatments and a stunning new tissue lifting technique using dissolvable sutures followed by DMK Enzyme Masques.  One presented and performed by Muscovite Dr. Alexander and Dr. Tataniya of St Petersburg.


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I have sent out many inspirational based speeches for the up and coming year designed to encourage and stimulate people and also to thank everyone for their support and loyalty to the concepts I have set forth so many decades ago.

Now in my 7th decade I have seen massive turn-a rounds in the medical and aesthetic arts and realized that the goals ahead will be even harder to reach as we battle new regulations, popular trends and scientific breakthroughs.

It’s been a roller coaster year for us at DMK Headquarters as we geared up to take on the very country we live in, The USA! We have always been an “overseas company” building a rich reputation of excellent results and thousands of lives changed in countries around the globe! Most of this has been due to our excellent educators, industry leaders and medical experts. Underneath this is the key to everything; our concept.

The tools I provide, along with my staff implementing the DMK Concept, we work diligently to refine and provide the best tools possible.  We don’t want to follow trendy ingredients or new machines but we want to work WITH the body and all of its fundamental functions.


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There are many reasons why women wear make-up. They do it to feel confident by enhancing their natural beauty, increase their sex appeal, present a more professional appearance, and cover blemishes and to just feel better about themselves. Mascara can add length and fullness to eyelashes. Blush adds color to the cheeks and draws attention to the eyes.

These are all great reasons to wear makeup and DMK Cosmetics™ is proud to be able to offer a full line of natural beauty products that not only help women meet these goals but also has useful skin-preserving functions. The skin is a living organism that needs to be cared for, nourished, protected and replenished in order to look its best. That’s why we formulate our foundations to work on the skin’s function as well as cover blemishes, age spots and lines.

DMK has done extensive research and experimentation to find products that work hard and look great. DMK Premier Foundations utilize the proven botanical preservative systems; a revolutionary new organic compound that prevents the growth of microorganisms on contact. The high pigmentation factor of up to 53% ensures that the DMKC Premier Foundation Series offers a sheer application without sacrificing coverage and lasts all day with little or no maintenance.

Join the revolutionary change from camouflage to function and face the New Year with new courage, confidence and vigor. We should all be thankful for new opportunities that are presented to us and embrace the opportunity to enhance our natural beauty. Put your best face forward in the New Year and let your true skin show. Visit our clinic locator to find a clinic near you.

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Blog Jessikas Story

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At DMK we believe that education is paramount, as well as sharing our skin wisdom with our peers; and Danné, our leader, is our inspiration!

On Danné’s most recent trip to Prague, he gave another of his trademark presentations at the 2014 Dermatology Conference. Followed by a warm and humorous, hands-on mentoring presentation to his loyal DMK devotees.

We love watching Danné do just about anything, and we know you’ll love watching this, as much as we did!

Simply click below to watch Danné’s latest jaunt…



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These amazing results are from our DMK Pro Alpha Six-layer Peel.

The change takes place over ten days, and without going under the knife…

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 1.04.36 PM

Find out more about the Pro Alpha Six-layer Peel by visiting

Photos courtesy of Kaye Owen Beauty and Massage, Australia

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The amazing Olivia Wells, Miss Universe Australia 2013 has just returned from three weeks in the America’s, with a warm heart!

On touch down in Los Angeles, she visited our very own Danné, who invited her to stay in his Beverley Hills home.

‘I spent three days with Danné, who is so much more than just a sponsor. DMK is like a little family, and to be invited into his home to stay was very comforting’ said the beauty queen.

Olivia was Danne’s self-proclaimed ‘guinea pig’ on some new exciting formulations that Olivia ‘instantly fell in love with!’

‘A “wetter than water” TransGenesis™ spray and also a neck cream. I absolutely CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THAT MAGIC CREAM’. She said without letting the cat out of the bag!

She furthered her excitement by saying ‘I don’t even have jowls, and it has made an instantaneous and noticeable difference!!’

Although she was travelling alone, she had time to catch up with her ‘Miss Universe rookie, Miss USA Erin Brady in LA!’

And what Olivia got up to next is another chapter we will share with you later in the week! We can say that it will put a big smile on your face…


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This is one of our favourite letters; we wanted to share with you, about the amazing TransGenesis™ from one of our devoted and loyal DMK fans!

‘Despite my pathetic skepticism, I tool a jar home the day we received it. As I opened my royal box, I was immediately excited!! I loved the luscious packaging, I loved the words of wisdom written inside this magical box, I loved that Danné was choosing to donate a portion of the sales to the Harvey Milk Foundation. I was desperate to get this luxurious cream on my face………

I popped the cream on, following my usual regime of cleaning, serums, fractionated oil; and massaged it in with the herb & mineral mist….Yep, feels nice……………

I did a final bathroom run before retiring to bed for the evening and stopped in my tracks as I saw my reflection in the mirror.

I moved a little closer to look in more detail at my skin. Surely one application of this cream could not have an immediate impact?

My skin appeared luminous, bright, plump…. my lips look perfectly pink and lush… I was glowing. Or, as my skeptical mind kicked in… was it all just wishful thinking???

I went to bed, and I must admit I continued to think about what I just saw in the mirror. I was really hoping it was too good to be true!

The next morning I jumped outa bed, the usual morning routine bustling around. I remember thinking my face felt tight.

It wasn’t until I went into the bathroom that I remembered my new royal cream. And WOW!! At this point I simply new it was not just wishful thinking.

My skin (which I must admit is rather good from years of enzyme therapy and DMK Home Prescriptives) looked AMAZING…yep, AMAZING…. Plump, Bright, Clear, Firm, Hydrated.

All this from one night of slumber and the new cream! I eagerly applied it again and raced into work to order more. I knew stocks we limited and new immediately we were going to sell out of the stock we had FAST…

TransGenesis™ is fabulous for the neck. The next day I took particular notice of the lines on my neck, the lines that I thought I had grown into and would be with me forever more. I couldn’t quite believe my eyes; these lines were disappearing before my eyes.

Day 3 and the lines on my neck are gone….


As you can imagine, as a salon owner and therapist who wants to provide my clients with the best-of-the-best, I am thrilled!!’

Liz… Universal Beauty Studio, Victoria, Australia

Image of Olivia Wells, Miss Universe Australia 2013: also a lover of TransGenesis™

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Making an entrance - danne

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