There are many reasons why women wear make-up. They do it to feel confident by enhancing their natural beauty, increase their sex appeal, present a more professional appearance, and cover blemishes and to just feel better about themselves. Mascara can add length and fullness to eyelashes. Blush adds color to the cheeks and draws attention to the eyes.

These are all great reasons to wear makeup and DMK Cosmetics™ is proud to be able to offer a full line of natural beauty products that not only help women meet these goals but also has useful skin-preserving functions. The skin is a living organism that needs to be cared for, nourished, protected and replenished in order to look its best. That’s why we formulate our foundations to work on the skin’s function as well as cover blemishes, age spots and lines.

DMK has done extensive research and experimentation to find products that work hard and look great. DMK Premier Foundations utilize the proven botanical preservative systems; a revolutionary new organic compound that prevents the growth of microorganisms on contact. The high pigmentation factor of up to 53% ensures that the DMKC Premier Foundation Series offers a sheer application without sacrificing coverage and lasts all day with little or no maintenance.

Join the revolutionary change from camouflage to function and face the New Year with new courage, confidence and vigor. We should all be thankful for new opportunities that are presented to us and embrace the opportunity to enhance our natural beauty. Put your best face forward in the New Year and let your true skin show. Visit our clinic locator to find a clinic near you.

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Every year we talk about New Year Resolutions and goals but after a few months they seem to fade. What can we do different this year to improve our life and our skin? At DMK we believe in building a world of confidence from the outside-in. When you feel good about your skin, you can focus on improving other goals in your life.

So what can you do this year that is different from past years to improve your skin? Did you know that we loose up to 1.5 liters of water a day, not just when you exercise? It is important to replenish your hydration levels so skin functions at its best. The DMK approach uses fractionated oils in our Seba-E and hydrating herbal extracts in our Herb & Mineral Mist to hydrate our skin to it’s full and optimal potential.
If you are vowing to detox after all of the holiday festivities, you can assist your skin with our Dermatox. It penetrates pores causing toxins to purge overtime.

New Year Resolutions usually include toning our muscles but what about the muscles on your face? DMK’s Signature Enzyme Masque Treatments in your local DMK Clinic strengthens muscles in your face and strengthens your capillaries. So why not give your whole body a new look in 2015?!
Another year means we are another year older and something we can celebrate rather than regret. We like to focus on Age Management by providing tools to revise your skin to it’s natural state. Take a look at the skin under your breast of under arms. The skin that hasn’t had to defend itself from environmental conditions. This is your true skin and with proper care and tools you too can reveal the skin with in.

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The DMK Mix ‘n’ Masque Shower Power combo…

Simply apply micro peel to the face before a shower, followed by a ten-minute hydrating masque while you dry your hair, and voilà ! A dewy complexion is that easy!

‘The brilliance of the Shower Power combo is that it slots right into your normal routine, leaving the micro peel on while you shower and the hydrating masque as you dry your hair, you are no more time poor than you were originally!’ Says Olivia Wells, Miss Universe Australia 2013.

micro peel is known for its simplicity and efficacy! The gentle gel-like masque is easy to apply, helping to remove dead skin, for a fresh glow. Whereas the aptly-named hydrating masque offers supreme hydration for skin that needs a pick-me-up. When the two are teamed together, they can create a radiant, glow in under 20 mins!

Olivia admitted that when she is time poor, she is ‘not the most religious weekly Enzyme masque-er’, due to her busy work schedule.

However she says that the Shower Power combo is ‘perfect to get you through, until you have time to go and see your clinician, or find time for an at-home Enzyme Treatment!’

The busy medical student is currently packing her bags once again, this time she’s off to Cambodia for more volunteer work. When packing her bags, the star told us that the combo was on the top of her list!

‘I packed my micro peel & hydrating masque – having a very busy schedule, this is the perfect way to treat my skin when I want to be out sightseeing in my spare time.’

Another Mix ‘n’ Masque combo that’s amazing for saving time is Seeing Red, needing to apply red vein crème for just 5 minutes, before hydrating masque is applied over the top! This combo is to diminish the redness of fragile capillaries, before stepping out of the house!


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At DMK we believe that education is paramount, as well as sharing our skin wisdom with our peers; and Danné, our leader, is our inspiration!

On Danné’s most recent trip to Prague, he gave another of his trademark presentations at the 2014 Dermatology Conference. Followed by a warm and humorous, hands-on mentoring presentation to his loyal DMK devotees.

We love watching Danné do just about anything, and we know you’ll love watching this, as much as we did!

Simply click below to watch Danné’s latest jaunt…



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Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 11.24.44 AM

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These amazing results are from our DMK Pro Alpha Six-layer Peel.

The change takes place over ten days, and without going under the knife…

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 1.04.36 PM

Find out more about the Pro Alpha Six-layer Peel by visiting

Photos courtesy of Kaye Owen Beauty and Massage, Australia

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At DMK we like to say, you won’t believe your eyes! Because this gorgeous-textured formula is gentle, effective and nourishing by design.


The primary focus of eye tone is to help the precious skin around the eyes function like it did when it was young. Who wouldn’t want that!?!

It’s specifically designed to target dark circles, fine lines, redness and puffy bags under the eyes. Which means you can nurture a more youthful looking you!

It also helps to promote normal cellular proliferation, while aiding in revising wrinkles and fine lines. It’s a much-loved product by many of our loyal DMK fans and a must-have product all year round!

The key ingredients that help make this product perform are:

• Beta glucan – to help stimulate and re-educate traumatised tissue

• Ascorbyl glucoside – a stabilised form of vitamin C

• Hyaluronic acid – to aid in hydrating tissue and promoting healthy cellular functioning
• Rutin – to assist in decreasing capillary fragility

• Squalane – to help to reduce swelling
• Seabuckthorn oil – (a nutrient-rich oil known for its healing properties) to help revise fragile capillaries.

eye tone is something that you have to try, to love!

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