The ozone layer really is going away in many parts of the planet. The radiation coming through via solar damage is much worse than previous decades. UV mutations are caused by reactive oxygen species such as superoxide anion, hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl free radicals.

Environmental Damage on Skin

Radiation penetrating the atmosphere directly affects human skin through the nucleotide base pairing in DNA. The obvious effects of UV on skin is inflammation. UVB starts up a cascade of cytokines, vasoactive and neuroactive mediators (veins and nerve endings) in the skin that collectively result in sunburn (inflammatory response).

At this point, the DNA of each cell permanently records this insult forever and plays it back like an evil digital recorder years later. People age much faster on exposed areas than if they had never burned their skin at all.

In addition, more cancer-causing radiation is pouring down through our atmosphere. Free radicals and less humidity are present in many parts of the world. Eventually, human skin will adapt to these ecological changes; perhaps by the year 2500 everyone on the planet will have dark skin or even reflective scales. We are the transitional generation, which means removing, rebuilding, protecting and maintaining with skin care is more important now than ever in history. Educating yourselves and then your clients, no matter how reluctant they may seem to absorb knowledge, is a professional obligation.

Beta Glucan Defense

Beta Glucans are the first defense after the protection of all categories of antioxidants including superoxide dismutase and catalase. Beta Glucans strengthen the Langerhans cells, creating strong dendrites (arms) that can either block lipofuscin (free radical soup) from forming or destroy free radicals outright. The DNA stops recording the damage instantly.

UVA/UVB Defense

Screen, screen, screen. Transepi­dermal formulas are best along with the newer nutritive screens. Keep in mind that sunscreen agents, both organic and inorganic, do not mix well with every buzz word ingredient, but a few powerful bio-nutrients can be added.

Using an SPF 15 is OK during winter, but cranking it up to 30 at least in summer is a must. SPF is determined by realizing how fast your skin would burn without screening. For example, blonde Caucasians would burn in 30 minutes in direct sun. You multiply 30 minutes by 30 SPF and you have ostensibly 900 minutes of protection if you don’t sweat it off or swim for more than an hour (about all the time a water-proof base can take regardless of claims).

There is much controversy about organic and inorganic screens and which is best. I leave it up to choice and allergy potential knowing that not screening will certainly court cancer.

We are the transitional generation, which means removing, rebuilding, protecting and maintaining with skin care is more important now than ever in history.

Treatment Defense

Cryotherapy is also vital to maintain homeostasis in tissue against inflammation and erythema, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Enzymatic skin revision treatments versus aggressive peels are preferable in summer months to avoid excessive melanoge­nesis. The summer is deceptively harder on skin than the coldest winters, where we are all forced to “cover up”.

Essential Fatty Acids

Lastly, keeping our matrix thick and bouncy as we age is also possible with good essential fatty acid (EFA) blends with prostagl­andins. In my experience, evening primrose oil grown in volcanic soils and sea buckthorn oils grown indigenously in inner Mongolia re-establish the skin matrix from inside out and help grow strong nails and hair.

Tell clients that there is no longer such a thing as a “healthy tan” unless it’s a fake one—take it from me at 73.

by Danné Montague-King

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Years ago, stem cells and growth factors became hero ingredients in skin care formulations. Some brands have claimed plant-based stem cells helped reproduce human stem cells and growth factors, directly changing the behavior of human DNA. Our revolutionary concept aims to match an individual’s biochemistry with the appropriate skin therapy. This article will explore the facts on stem cells in skin care products.

Growth Factor Facts

Let’s start by clearing up some confusion about the roles that stem cells and growth factors perform in regenerating skin.

  • Growth factors are proteins that regulate cellular growth, proliferation and differen­tiation under controlled conditions, maintaining healthy skin structure.
  • Growth factors are secreted by all cell types that make up the epidermis (outer layer of skin) and dermis (the layer of skin between the epidermis and subcutaneous tissue) of the skin, including keratino­cytes, fibroblasts and melanocytes.
  • Growth factors are naturally occurring regulatory molecules. They stimulate cell and tissue function through influencing cell differentiation by changing their biochemical activity. They regulate the rate of proliferation-certain beta glucans are in this class.


Plant Stem Cells and Skin Care


Medical stem cell implantation plays a role as back-up support to the implanted cells and potential auto-immune rejection. However, this is a far cry from creams, serums etc. in skin care.

Most people wonder how stem cells in creams work with their own stem cells, and the short answer is they do not. As a way of inflicting miniature wounds, technicians extract and scratch cultured plant tissue. This damage stimulates the plant’s stem cells to act and heal, inducing the formation of new stem cells on the wounded surfaces. After slow replication and division on the outside, new cells fashion a large accumulation of colorless cells, known as callous. Cells composing the callous divide into cells that do not carry the specific features of individuated plant cells. This callous is used as an ingredient in facial creams. Downstream differentiated plant cells are ones that possess the biochemical machinery required to produce the myriad of substances derived from plants that have pharmaceutical or other value (e.g. quinine, digitalis, aloe vera, etc.).

Plant totipotent stem cells do not produce substances capable of affecting other cells. Callouses are forced upon living plant stems to encourage new baby cells, harvested and then put into creams as “stem cell therapy.” Even rubbing human stem cells on the skin would never work. They have to be alive in the product despite any effective delivery mechanism.

Use Skin’s Biochemistry


There are many types of stem cells with a variety of special functions, and there is so much more to say. Many research papers have concluded that stem cells are just too large to penetrate the lipid barrier of the epidermis. Rather than looking at stem cells as the answer to healthy skin, we should look at what produces a positive response in skin cells and what they recognize. Then, we can determine how we can influence and support growth factors and the life-cycle of cells. The answer should involve the body’s chemistry. DMK Skincare does just that, using skin’s biochemistry to Remove, Rebuild, Protect and Maintain.

-Danné Montague-King.

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“The Skin Games was a huge success!” – Jennifer Rosenblum, founder of The Skin Games. Congratulations Danné Montague-King for winning the Game Changer Award at The Skin Games! The first national skincare competition was a success, DMK was there showing our support from the beginning! We are proud sponsors of The Skin Games and very much looking forward to The Skin Games 2017. It certainly was “Game On” at The Skin Games, we had 3 finalist (Cherie Callahan, Dee Suarez, and Tamara Petrucci) out of over 300 entrants which puts us in the top 1% of Estheticians in the US! We would like to also congratulate Cherie Callahan for winning Best Esthetician in Hyper-pigmentation. 2017 here we come! Game on!

Game Changer of the Year Award

Danné Montague-King wins the “Game Changer of the Year Award” at The Skin Games 2016

DMK finalist  with Danné Montague-King

DMK finalist Tamara Petruccii, Dee Suarez, and Cherie Callahan with Danné Montague-King

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Although skin is touted as “the largest organ of the body” the fascia, which underlays the skin directly and is also wrapped around every organ of the body, is much larger and often ignored.  The fascia is the philosophy of the body, meaning it connects every organ to another organ. It has nerve fibrils embedded throughout and if not properly addressed during healing from injury to the skin and or muscle, can exacerbate chronic pain. The healing of the fascia also determine the successful remodeling of scar tissue and determines the type of scar IE: keloid, hypertrophic, cuneiform or flat linear. DMK treatments address the fascia and all of its functions.

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We had a fabulous week in New York City for our Media Tour. One of our clients this week was Sonja Morgan, Star of Housewives of New York. She walked into our DMK Spa Suite at the venerable London Hotel New York and I immediately thought “thoroughbred.”

She had no make-up on, green deck chair paint under her nails and splotched elsewhere from a paint fest at her swank New York Town House and eyes like twin lasers taking in everything including me!


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This year DMK Russia Face Facts style conference was hugely attended by long time DMK Dermatologists from all over Russia and the “stan” countries plus many new younger doctors.  The theme was showing combinations of new medical aesthetic innovations and DMK treatments .

This included pre and post-surgery treatments and a stunning new tissue lifting technique using dissolvable sutures followed by DMK Enzyme Masques.  One presented and performed by Muscovite Dr. Alexander and Dr. Tataniya of St Petersburg.


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For many years I have been campaigning to get this insidious drug removed and more and more doctors are joining the mission.

But we have to use common sense when confronted by a client who has been on the drug for a year or more and not be over cautious when conducting their DMK treatments, although when in doubt it is always better to error on the side of caution!

Why are many Accutane users scar prone?

After months of use, the enzyme collagenase becomes compromised. This little enzyme determines how many new collagen fiber bundles arrive at the surface of a breeched epidermis in a normal rhythm of proliferation.


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A letter by Aliesh Pierce, DMK National Education Director

I have had the pleasure of being a guest speaker at three annual conferences of the American Association of Cosmetology Schools’ Annual CEA Conference (Career Educator’s Alliance). Let me tell you, these educators are committed to their craft. I am overjoyed each time I am extended the offer to speak. I revel in the opportunity to spend a few days with like-minded individuals who know how important a solid education is to a successful career in esthetics. They regularly attend industry related workshops and classes so that they can always offer their students something fresh and new.


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We can peel skin off by layers. The more layers removed, the younger looking the skin.  It is also important to find out from the skin therapist  or doctor how many layers they are removing during any peel treatment.

*False – The skin is not like an onion where layers can be peeled off and “voila…new skin.” In fact, skin has only two basic layers, the epidermis  and everything else underneath.  Cells are always proliferating, changing configurations and migrating to the surface forming our corneum  which is the outermost part of the epidermis.  It is the REDUNDANT dead cell material that needs to be exfoliated at different levels and de-conjested. Anything else more aggressive will create trauma in the skin.  The auto-immune functions will work over time in defensive response  and the skin will ultimately break down or suffer other contraindications.


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I have sent out many inspirational based speeches for the up and coming year designed to encourage and stimulate people and also to thank everyone for their support and loyalty to the concepts I have set forth so many decades ago.

Now in my 7th decade I have seen massive turn-a rounds in the medical and aesthetic arts and realized that the goals ahead will be even harder to reach as we battle new regulations, popular trends and scientific breakthroughs.

It’s been a roller coaster year for us at DMK Headquarters as we geared up to take on the very country we live in, The USA! We have always been an “overseas company” building a rich reputation of excellent results and thousands of lives changed in countries around the globe! Most of this has been due to our excellent educators, industry leaders and medical experts. Underneath this is the key to everything; our concept.

The tools I provide, along with my staff implementing the DMK Concept, we work diligently to refine and provide the best tools possible.  We don’t want to follow trendy ingredients or new machines but we want to work WITH the body and all of its fundamental functions.


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