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DMK Skin Revision™ Fundamentals Kits – Acne, Age Management & Pigment Balance

For over forty-five years REMOVE. REBUILD. PROTECT. MAINTAIN. has been our guide using products as tools to bring our skin back to its natural state. It is our approach to revising skin back to its natural state and forms the foundation on which all of our formulations are developed.

All 3 of our DMK Skin Revision™ Fundamentals Kits include a Professional Treatment for the Esthetician along with 30 days of take home DMK Skincare™ products for the client. At DMK we believe that not on person’s skin is the same hence why the kit should begin with a professional treatment.

The DMK Acne Kit assists in balancing oil production and killing bacteria. These products penetrate the pores to kill existing p.acnes bacteria while preventing further break outs. Use the enclosed ACU System to help you combat acne at home.

The Age Management Kit reduces the appearance of minor pigmentation caused by age-related factors and is particularly helpful in treating aging skin showing signs of fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage. At DMK we don’t believe in Anti-Aging rather we believe in Age Management. Follow the Home Prescriptives regimen to stimulate collagen and epidermal growth factors to regulate cellular turnover.

The Pigment Balancing Kit addresses passive and inflammatory pigmentation with this selection of innovative products. Used in conjunction with each other, these products rapidly reduce inflammation and suppress melanin production over time. The Pigment Balancing Kit suppresses melanin in 3 levels;

  • Stops melanin formation
  • Inhibits tyrosine & tyrosinase
  • Regulates melanogenesis at the keratinocytes

Every DMK Treatment begins with our special Enzyme Therapy. There are many enzyme and coenzyme (vitamin) activities in the skin that regulate its normal functions. For example, the enzyme collagenase helps to regulate the synthesis of collagen fibers. If collagenase is destroyed by invasion of an aggressive treatment–such as the acne drug Actutane, collagen fibers rush rapidly to any site of trauma to the skin such as laser resurfacing or acid peels. The result may be a keloid or hypertrophic scar. This is one of the reasons the conventional phenol acid or trichloracetic acid peels left the patient’s skin looking plastic or waxy. The NORMAL proliferation of collagen fibers was accelerated and rushed to the surface in an effort to participate in repair and remodeling of the skin too quickly.

Because they do not operate on a pH factor like acids, there are many enzymes that can be applied topically to the skin that will only remove the build-up of dead skin cells often misdiagnosed as “dry skin”. This not only relieves wrinkles, but can release gases, impurities and other effluvia from the skin as well. This type of treatment can actually result in a fundamentally younger and tighter skin. It is not a case of “how many enzymes are used in formulation” to accomplish this, but the stimulation of enzyme activity in the skin itself.

If the correct formulations of enzymes are applied to the skin, hydrolysis of the dead cells and the impurities burdening the living cells begins in about twenty minutes.

This focus enables us to help those who want to revise problem skin as well as those simply wanting to maintain a healthy balance that will last for years.

DMK believes that the origin of all skin conditions is disharmony in skin function. Our therapists offer customized treatments that match your body’s chemistry.

  • Age Management
  • Pigmentation Balance
  • Acne Control

Your DMK Skin Revision™ Fundamentals Treatment starts with a deep cleanse to rid your pores of dirt and cellular debris. The Remove process is further enhanced through the use of an exfoliating thermal gel that increases oxygenation to the tissues.

Your therapist will then pre-treat with a powdered vitamin C serum to kick-start collagen production. This allows the amino acids in our signature enzyme masque to Rebuild. The ingredients penetrate beyond the surface to restore structural integrity and revitalize your skin at a cellular level.

Your treatment ends with a series of products your therapists will prescribe to Protect and Maintain your newly revised skin. To achieve the best results, you must agree to follow this DMK Home Prescriptive regimen. Incorporating other retail brands that are not compatible with the DMK method will delay the progress obtained by the treatment.

The new DMK Fundamentals kits include enough product for 1 professional treatment and a 30 day take home supply of DMK Skincare™ products. While there may be no “magic bullet” that cures all, each kit provides you with everything you need to address age related, acneic and pigmentation conditions.

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