We are looking for the top DMK Therapist who wants to show off their skills, promote their business, compete for prizes, and have lots of fun!


How to Enter:

  • Register here down below


After you register:

  • Your name will show up on THE PARTICIPANT page within 1-3 days.
  • Each player will have a self-portrait, their name, location, website link, social media links and video diary link on the DMK website.
  • Everyone can check up on any of the players by clicking on their web site or video diary


Each player will:

  • Find a client/model that can commit to up to 12 weeks of treatments
  • Have 12 weeks to get the best result from their client
  • Make sure to take before (week #1) and after(week #12)  pictures of client/model
  • Make sure to download model release form and have your client sign it (required to be a valid participant)
  • Every week each contestant will upload a 30-60 second video
  • Each contestant can start any time they want but they must make sure to upload all video diaries before March 31, 2017.
  • The first video entry MUST include a copy of a major newspaper with that day’s date clearly showing within the video (to show your start date)
  • A weekly video entry that will show your progress (The video can include still images of client’s progress.)
  • The final entry (#12) MUST include a copy of a major newspaper with that day’s date showing clearly within the video (to show your end date)


Each video entry should include:

  • Your name and what you are trying to treat
  • Make the video interesting and creative.
  • Be authentic, we want to know the real you.
  • If you have not used Youtube before, no problem watch this quick tutorial.


On April 14, 2017:

  • There will be 10 participants selected to go to the final round
  • Each contestant will be selected on technique and results
  • We will recognize the top 10 participants
  • These participants will then upload a 2 minute video where they will talk about their technique and protocols.
  • The finalists will be judged by a DMK Intl HQ panel
  • We will choose first, second and third place for over best results.
  • The last day to submit all of your video diaries will be March 31, 2017.


Registration is no longer available. 



Download Model Release Form  |  Download How to Play Document |  Download Prizes Document | Download Rules Document