A master of his trade, Brad has taken a liking to DMK Cosmetics…


He’s won one Emmy and been nominated for eight, he’s even been nominated for a Hollywood Makeup Guild Award. It’s safe to say that international make-up guru, Brad Look, knows his stuff about make-up.

So what does Brad think of DMKC?

When Brad tried out DMKC on-set we were thrilled to hear his response – the make-up didn’t move, lasted all day, worked beautifully on HD camera. These were just a few of the praises from Brad after getting to know the new cosmetics range.

Brad’s credentials… 

Brad has worked on multiple Star Trek films (including Voyager’s Threshold for which he won his prized Emmy), and has since then used the DMKC Foundations on the cast of, We Bought A Zoo, Prom, and Spider Man. According to Brad, the results have been brilliant, with one of the Prom cast members noticing that her skin actually improved during use! It also stayed on all day during heat of 115 degree heat [Farenheit]. austin cloud “In a single word, the make-up is wonderful. I tell everyone about it.” Says Brad.

But it doesn’t stop there, Brad also teaches make-up internationally and has co-written the book, Star Trek: Aliens & Artifacts, where he shares his make-up and special effects knowledge.

A true make-up legend, we are so thrilled to have Brad on board as a DMKC Pro Panel Coordinator.




Learn more about DMKC right here: www.DMKCosmetics.com


Watch our YouTube clips here:www.youtube.com/DMKSkin





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DMK and DMKC have had some great reviews lately, and we want to share them with you!

Here are a few DMK mentions from our favourite blogs, websites and magazines:

Ingrown hair – ninemsn’s beauty spot recommend DMK

“If you already have ingrowns, use a cleanser with salicylic acid to clean the area. If hair is appearing from the follicle, use tweezes to wheedle it out.To prevent this in the future, exfoliate regularly to unclog pores and moisturise regularly. For more information, check out how to remove ingrowns, try Danne Montague Kings Follicuzyme in-salon treatment, available from DMK.

Summer essentials – ninemsn’s beauty spot recommend DMK

“Sunscreen is the smartest skin protection under the sun. Exposing your skin to harmful UV rays is the fastest way to age your skin. Shield your skin from fine lines, pigmentation and burning by using DannÈ Montague King transdermal sunblock, SPF 30.”

The delights of digging deeper – Beauty Heaven recommend DMKs deep pore pure

“Cleansing the top layer of your skin will help to remove dead skin cells and make your complexion appear more radiant, but if you add deep pore cleansing into the mix, youíre sure to experience the delights of digging a little deeper into your skincare.”

Indulgent Beauty Reviews – See the difference with Enzyme Therapy

“A week after the treatment, I could still feel and see that radiant glow on my face. Seriously, this is one kick-ass facial and I was really impressed! Will I go back for more or will I skip the torture session? Oh, in a heartbeat. I wish I could do without the torturous crawly bit, but if thatís the price I have to pay for radiant skin, hell yeah Iíd pay for it!!”

DMK is also in print this month… see below for some AU and NZ mentions…


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It’s been a pretty big year for DMK, especially DMK down-under.

With visits from Danne, the development and launch of a skin APP (coming soon – stay tuned), the website relaunch, and so much more, this year truly has been a big one.

Let’s recap…

The DMK Awards Dinner

A night to congratulate our top clinics and to treat our therapists to a fabulous evening. Great costumes, great company!


The DMK Tour

Danne travelled from state-to-state meeting and presenting to his many devotees and potential new ones. It was a whirlwind tour  like no other, accompanied by many media mentions!


The launch of the new SLS Free cleansers, milky clean & pure and deep pore pure… the many articles featured in professional aesthetic magazines around the world, and of course the beautiful Christmas gifts we mentioned in the previous post.

Let’s not forget the many clients we have helped regain confidence within their skin. That’s why we are all here.

Again, thank you to all who made this year the most exciting yet. 2012 here we come!

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..and we are celebrating by gifting our fabulous clinic owners with these beautiful DMK candles!

Once we caught a whiff of these sweet scented soy candles handmade by www.zendiva.com.au we just new these would make therapists around Australia very happy! We have had such a great year at DMK AU that we wanted to really treat our clinic owners.

The fragrances include mandarin & mimosa and french pear…

To all our clinic owners and therapists Australia-wide, we couldn’t have done it without you. Enjoy, and have a safe and prosperous New Year!

Love the DMK Team.



website domain . Czenrieiiski .

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Renee Brack, presenter from The Movie Network show, Movie Juice, is a DMK advocate. Being on camera is essential in her line of work, and so is caring for her skin. Here’s a little bit about Renee and her experience with DMK…

  1. How did you find DMK?

In the late 90s, I was a regular client of Daniel and Debbie for hairstyling and skin care.  I loved their approach and attitude to service and product line.  So when they found DMK, I was lucky enough to be one of their clients to test it.  So more than 10 years later, I continue to use the product line – twice a day – along with fortnightly DMK facials and vitamin support.


  1. What’s your advice for maintaining youthful, healthy skin?
  • Cleansing, moisturising and caring for your skin – at night is even more important than in the morning! 
  • Water is the real fountain of youth – but organic vegetable juice is a close second. 
  • Keep quality fats in your diet. 
  • Do what it takes to stabilise your hormones each month.
  • Exercise most days of the week and vary it – weights / yoga / cardio. 
  • And smile.  Each day, find one thing you really like about yourself and take a moment to appreciate it and smile.


  1. Tell us what DMK’s Enzyme Therapy does for your skin. What results have you seen?

There’s nothing like having a late arvo DMK Enzyme Therapy facial then going home for an early dinner and early bed.  When you wake up, you really are Sleeping Beauty who’s woken up on the right side of the bed!  It’s a revitalising effect that works inside and out, and people notice.  Not only do they notice – they say something.  And it’s always a compliment about my skin.


  1.  What makes DMK stand apart from other skin care or cosmetic companies?

DMK advocates know the range is top quality and they know that it works.  It does what it says they say it’s going to do but it does require a commitment from the client to follow the DMK steps to wonderful skin. 

 This is not just a cosmetic range by any means.  There is a strong medical foundation behind the DMK brand.


  1. If you were stuck on a deserted island, and you could only take one DMK product, which would it be?

betagen crème.  Day or night, it’s the long, cool drink from the fountain of youth my skin just loves.

To stay up to date with Renee check out her blog at www.reneebrack.com

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There’s been lots of attention on DMK Australia this past August. We’ve been keeping Danné all to ourselves!

DMK Annual Awards Dinner

Firstly, we had the DMK Annual Awards Dinner where our well-deserved clinic owners and staff were treated to a Royal affair at Sydney’s Darling Harbour Convention Centre. The dress-up theme (Royal) had staff dressed up and ready to celebrate another great year for DMK.

Congratulations to Donna (pictured above) on 10 years of dedication to DMK.

Above: Evonne (DMK Hong Kong) and Danné. Above right: DMK Clinic Award Winners.

DMK Tour

Secondly, we whisked Danné around the country on a whistle-stop tour like no other. Meeting and greeting his many Australian fans, Danné saw almost 1000 people in five states over eight days. Not bad for a man of almost 70. A DMK first, the guests included DMK’s most loyal clients who were invited to bring along a friend to introduce to DMK. Some venues, including Brisbane’s stunning Cloud Room, saw almost 300 people attend!

Guests hung on Danné’s every word, while a video montage commemorating over 30 years of skin revision was played to open each show. The video will be available to view on the DMK YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/dmkskin shortly. So stay tuned!

Daniel Dickson (DMK Australia MD), Danné Montague-King and Deborah Hutton.






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We hope you find that the brand new DMK international website becomes a useful tool when it comes to your skin. We are here to help answer any question you may have regarding your skin or a skin condition, so be sure to bookmark us as your go-to site for anything skin related.

If you have a question that we are yet to answer please head to our Frequently Asked Questions section and we will give you an answer as soon as possible. One of our highly trained paramedical technicians will be on the case faster than you can say folliculitis.

For now, please enjoy clicking through our unique facial treatments and learning about the extensive range of DMK Home Prescriptive products. We offer something for everyone here, from acne sufferers to those wanting to revise sun damage and the effects of ageing. But you don’t need to have a skin condition to have DMK Treatments – maintaining your skin quality is where we specialise. So no matter how small your concern, we are here to revise your skin and support you on your journey to getting the even complexion and glow you’re looking for.

If you have any questions regarding the new website don’t hesitate to contact us here: http://dannemking.com/contact/

Thank you.

P.S Don’t forget to come back, we will be updating our blog regularly!

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