After her trip with Danné in sunny Beverley Hills, the beauty queen cum medical student flew to Peru to take part in Operation Smile; a warm not for profit organisation helping hundreds of children and young adults born with facial deformities, in developing countries.

Did you know that every three minutes, a child is born somewhere in the world with a cleft lip or palate? Sadly one in ten die before their first birthday!
This staggering statistic spurred Olivia to assist with this mission, and share with us her trip…

This is the first day of screening with Operation Smile. Tragic having to turn down some patients who had travelled over 1000km by bus and walking, to be seen! However so far 190 patients have been screened, and 119 scheduled for surgery in the coming days!


Me with Dr. Mauricio from Colombia assessing and diagnosing cleft lips, palates, nasal deformities & fistulas to determine whether we can help!2

Scheduling Operation Rooms is a tough job and very important as there are a number of requirements – unfortunately not all the kids who are eligible for surgery can be scheduled 3

Screening is a long, long day so kids (both potential patients and siblings) need to be entertained!


This 10-day-old baby with a bilateral cleft lip and palate travelled over 1000 km to be screened for surgery, but we are unable to operate on infants under 6 months old. Luckily if she returns next year Operation Smile will definitely be able to help her!!


Unfortunately if the cases are complicated or require multiple surgeries and intensive postoperative care, then we can’t take them, as the mission can only provide care while we are in town.

If you would like to be involved with Operation Smile, simply visit for more information!

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This is one of our favourite letters; we wanted to share with you, about the amazing TransGenesis™ from one of our devoted and loyal DMK fans!

‘Despite my pathetic skepticism, I tool a jar home the day we received it. As I opened my royal box, I was immediately excited!! I loved the luscious packaging, I loved the words of wisdom written inside this magical box, I loved that Danné was choosing to donate a portion of the sales to the Harvey Milk Foundation. I was desperate to get this luxurious cream on my face………

I popped the cream on, following my usual regime of cleaning, serums, fractionated oil; and massaged it in with the herb & mineral mist….Yep, feels nice……………

I did a final bathroom run before retiring to bed for the evening and stopped in my tracks as I saw my reflection in the mirror.

I moved a little closer to look in more detail at my skin. Surely one application of this cream could not have an immediate impact?

My skin appeared luminous, bright, plump…. my lips look perfectly pink and lush… I was glowing. Or, as my skeptical mind kicked in… was it all just wishful thinking???

I went to bed, and I must admit I continued to think about what I just saw in the mirror. I was really hoping it was too good to be true!

The next morning I jumped outa bed, the usual morning routine bustling around. I remember thinking my face felt tight.

It wasn’t until I went into the bathroom that I remembered my new royal cream. And WOW!! At this point I simply new it was not just wishful thinking.

My skin (which I must admit is rather good from years of enzyme therapy and DMK Home Prescriptives) looked AMAZING…yep, AMAZING…. Plump, Bright, Clear, Firm, Hydrated.

All this from one night of slumber and the new cream! I eagerly applied it again and raced into work to order more. I knew stocks we limited and new immediately we were going to sell out of the stock we had FAST…

TransGenesis™ is fabulous for the neck. The next day I took particular notice of the lines on my neck, the lines that I thought I had grown into and would be with me forever more. I couldn’t quite believe my eyes; these lines were disappearing before my eyes.

Day 3 and the lines on my neck are gone….


As you can imagine, as a salon owner and therapist who wants to provide my clients with the best-of-the-best, I am thrilled!!’

Liz… Universal Beauty Studio, Victoria, Australia

Image of Olivia Wells, Miss Universe Australia 2013: also a lover of TransGenesis™

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The title of the beautiful, intelligent and down-to-earth Miss Universe Australia 2013 might be coming to an end, but Olivia is by no means finished with DMK. We sat down with the star, to find out the juice on her year of glory…

Olivia we’ve certainly had a ball with you over the past months – it’s hard to believe almost a year has flown by!

You must have experienced so much over the time you’ve been crowned Miss Universe, what’s your most treasured memory?

The highlight of my year has most certainly been being an ambassador for the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. As a med student with an interest in paediatrics this opportunity has been a priceless experience as well as a taste of what may be to come in my future career. I get goose bumps as I walk into the hospital, whether it be for photo ops or ward rounds, and I just know that being a doctor is where I want my life to be.

What about the not-so-light moments, or the pressure that goes with the title?

Let me tell you there were many tears shed over the year! At one point I completely broke down at my hairdresser only a few days before leaving for the international pageant. I’m not sure why, probably a combination of exhaustion, anxiety and anticipation.

Has it shaped the direction of your future, where do you see yourself going?

I wouldn’t say shaped, but being Miss Universe Aus has certainly given me a career boost – being given priceless opportunities at the RCH and also as an Operation Smile ambassador has provided me with experience other medical students can only dream of.

Now specifically DMK – have you noticed a difference in your skin over the period you have been using it?

I have noticed a difference and that is saying something considering I have always had incredible skin (I’m so lucky in this respect). However I didn’t realise that not having pimples didn’t necessarily mean my skin was at its most flawless. DMK has helped increase and stabilise water in the dermal layers of my skin which makes it radiant and glowing, not just pimple free! I’ve also noticed less red pigmentation around my jawline.

What are your skin concerns now?

I can very honestly and proudly say I have no skin concerns!! I’ll be maintaining my DMK routine for many years to come.

What products are now firmly planted in your daily regime?

All of them! My daily routine is deep pore pure, beta gel, eye tone, herb & mineral mist, TransGenesis™, solar damage gel & DMK sunscreen. I know it sounds like a marathon but it takes less than 2 min and it means I save 10 because I don’t have to wear make-up! I also do an at home enzyme mask weekly (or at least I try to, some weeks get busy) or an acu masque if I’m feeling congested.

What will you miss most about being Miss Universe Australia?

Seeing Donna and having DMK facial so regularly! Actually I will definitely be keeping those up!! I think I will miss being able to do things on my own time if I don’t have events. I’ll be back to Uni and so back to a very concrete timetable… Which will also mean hitting the gym at 6am not 9am!

Thanks Olivia… we’re glad you love DMK so much, that you’re sticking around!

Olivia Wells on DMK

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21 year old, PR/Journalism student, Sarah Czarnuch, talks about Winter skin and her new regime. {We can envisage her being a TV star that’s for sure!}

Sarah Czannuch (VIC)

q1. Are you enjoying your new dmk regime? Do you have a favourite product?

I am loving it! Over the winter months my skin tends to get a little neglected however through utilising my new DMK regime my skin has never looked better. The products are nothing like I have ever used before and I can safely say I will never use another skincare brand.
My favourite product would have to be ACU-THERM; it is fantastic to treat the odd breakout without drying out your skin. It’s a product that you can really feel working, and you notice clearer skin from the next day.

q2. What was your first dmk treatment experience like? Have you ever had anything like it?

My DMK treatment was absolutely amazing, having never had a facial before I was in awe of how relaxing and tranquil the experience was. It was also fantastic to learn about all the different products and gain knowledge on my skin and how to treat it.

q3. Do you have any skin concerns?

I have been lucky enough to be blessed with fairly clear skin however, I do suffer from the dreaded ‘stress pimple’ which always occurs around important occasions and events (just like the Miss Universe Australia Finals).

q4. Has using DMK helped/changed your skin?

The improvement in my skin from using DMK products was almost instantaneous; my skin looks brighter, clearer and well hydrated. Undertaking a daily skin routine is no longer a chore, I actually get excited every morning to use all my products as they make me feel glamorous and refreshed.

q5. Would you recommend DMK’s Klear Collection to your friends who suffer from breakouts?

Absolutely, DMK’s ability to not only treat acne and breakouts whilst maintaining a great level of hydration in the skin is something I haven’t been able to find in any other skincare product. My younger sister battled with acne throughout her teen years, it really took a toll on her confidence and she often hid behind layers of makeup because she was unable to find a product that worked for her.

q6. What would it mean to you to become miss universe Australia?

It would mean the absolute world to me. Coming from a small town in Regional Victoria, I have often doubted myself and I would love be a positive role model to young girls throughout Australia. I would love to be given the opportunity to represent Australia internationally and on a personal level achieve something I never thought I could!

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Currently studying a Bachelor of Medicine & Science, Melbournite, Olivia Wells, tells us how she fits in skin care between study and travel.

Olivia Wells (VIC)

q1. Are you enjoying your new dmk regime? Do you have a favourite product?

My new DMK regime is great. I especially loved my facial! I recently spent time in Tonga volunteering in a hospital and my favourite product was definitely an essential in the Polynesian sun! The transdermal sunscreen was non-greasy and didn’t make my face look like Casper the friendly ghost!

q2. What was your first dmk treatment experience like? Have you ever had anything like it?

My first DMK experience was nothing like I had ever experienced before. The enzyme mask is certainly a unique product and I was very sceptical of it to begin with. As a medical student I am dubious when I hear scientific claims as many skin care brands use pseudo science that really make no sense from a biochemical or anatomical standpoint. However DMK was certainly a refreshing change! Donna gave me a complete run down of all the active ingredients and their effect on the skin and lymphatic system and I even managed to pass my facial off as “study time” before my exam!

q3. Do you have any skin concerns?

I’m very lucky to say that I currently have no skin concerns. Before beginning my DMK regime I was hesitant to switch from my previous skincare brand as I felt that it would be unwise to attempt to ‘fix something that wasn’t broken’. DMK has not only maintained my skin but has given it extra clarity and a beautiful glow.

q4. Has using DMK helped/changed your skin?

DMK has most certainly helped me maintain my skin, it’s one of the features I am most proud of! Travelling recently was very stressful to my skin, however with the help of my handy travel size DMK products I barely noticed! The Herb & Mineral Mist was a lifesaver on extended plane journeys to keep my skin hydrated and was a great refresher in the tropical Tongan humidity!

q5. Would you recommend DMK’s Klear Collection to your friends who suffer from breakouts?

My younger brother has unfortunately battled terrible acne for some years. What we initially attributed to a few spots thanks to “growing up” became a horrendous bout of acne that affected his self esteem greatly. I watched my outgoing younger brother, always the larrikin, crawl into a shell of self-consciousness. We tried supermarket topical treatments, prescription creams and even drugs and nothing worked. After my first visit to DMK and hearing Danne Montague-King’s story, one that hit so close to home, I knew that this was the product to help out my little brother!

q6. What would it mean to you to become miss universe Australia?

To be crowned Miss Universe Australia would be an honour and privilege. I would hope to be a positive role model for young people and women especially. Throughout school I was always the nerdy girl, for a long time picked on because I enjoyed, and was good at school. If I were to be given the title, I would like to be a role model to those who may feel outcast because what they enjoy or are good at isn’t what is seen as “cool” or “normal”.  I am also passionate about volunteering locally (I have tutored students from refugee and migrant backgrounds for almost 5 years now) and internationally, and would hope to use the title as a platform to engage other young people in the benefits and joys of giving back to the local and international community.

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Never one to stick to a skin care routine, Mary Vitinaros, from Victoria, tells us about the skin care changes she’s made for the better.

Mary Vitinaros (VIC)

q1. Are you enjoying your new dmk regime? Do you have a favourite product?

I have never really had a strict regime up until I was introduced to the DMK range of products.  I had been suffering from troubled skin mainly due to the stress of University exams and a very busy life-style – I needed to give my skin a chance of looking and feeling great.  So I made a promise to myself that I was going to be diligent and have great skin in return.  Weeks later I can honestly say that my skin is feeling and looking great! You have to see it to believe it!

I love using all the products but one product that my skin really enjoys is the biogen c crème applied with the herb & mineral spray.  It gives my skin a real lift and leaves me looking radiant and feeling refreshed.

q2. What was your first dmk treatment experience like? Have you ever had anything like it?

The experience was like heaven.  I felt so rejuvenated and refreshed afterwards!  Donna who gave me my treatment was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  I loved the enzyme mask treatment; I have never experienced anything like it, it’s incredible how tight it gets on your skin, you can really feel the products doing great things.  All of the products are so versatile and vary according to all skin types, which is why I think my skin improved so much.

q3. Do you have any skin concerns?

My skin tends to get troubled when I am feeling stressed and experiencing a super busy schedule.  I tend to break out in the T-zone area, on my forehead, nose and chin.

q4. Has using DMK helped/changed your skin?

Developing a morning and night routine has really helped change my skin.  Cleansing my skin before going to bed gives my skin the chance to breathe and replenish overnight, which is really important for me.

q5. Would you recommend DMK’s Klear Collection to your friends who suffer from breakouts?

If only I knew about DMK’s Klear Collection long ago.  Many of us at this young age have troublesome skin and tend to suffer from breakouts and I would proudly recommend DMK’s Klear Collection to all of my friends, however I am sure when they notice the improvement of my skin they will be easily persuaded to try it!

q6. What would it mean to you to become miss universe Australia?

Winning Miss Universe Australia would mean the world to me!  I would love to have the opportunity to work closely with charities and have a positive influence on our society.  I feel that I would be a great role model for all Australians, someone who embodies everything that the Miss Universe Australia organisation stands for and an absolute champion for Operation Smile.   It is the opportunity of a lifetime and I would feel so honoured and humbled to be able to represent such an amazing country!

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We caught up with WA beauty, Tamlin Dobrich, about her fabulous results thanks to DMK.

Tamlin Dobrich (WA)

q1. Are you enjoying your new dmk regime? Do you have a favourite product?

I adore my new DMK skincare regime, nothing I have tried before has been this simple yet also so effective in combating my skin insecurities. My favourite product would have to be DMK’s Biogen C Cream and Herb & Mineral Spray because they hydrate the skin leaving it fresh and vibrant.

q2. What was your first dmk treatment experience like? Have you ever had anything like it?

It was incredible! I learnt so much about skincare while being pampered like a princess.

q3. Do you have any skin concerns?

I think nearly every person has experienced skin concerns at some stage or another. For me, my biggest skin concern is dehydration. I’ve surfed for almost 10 years so the constant exposure to the sun, salt and wind has dried out my skin.

q4. Has using DMK helped/changed your skin?

Yes! I have a new confidence I didn’t think was possible! My skin is now soft and dewy and the dehydration lines I suffered from have noticeably reduced.

q5. How important is good skin to you?

I think having good skin is important to almost everybody. When I’m having a good skin day my personality and body language exudes confidence, and when my skin is bad I wish I was invisible. No one needs skin insecurities holding them back.

q6. What would it mean to you to become miss universe Australia?

How do I truly describe the feelings one would have when nailing the one-in-a-million “dream job” that embodies every element of who I am, what I stand for and who I want to be? Everything I could say would be an understatement!

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We asked Victorian beauty, Sarah Macleod, about her journey to great skin.

Sarah Macleod (VIC)

q1. Are you enjoying your new dmk regime? Do you have a favourite product?

I absolutely love my new regime! In particular I love the ‘Deep Pore Pure’ cleanser, it is so gentle on my skin but still removes all makeup and leaves my skin feeling cleansed and fresh.

q2. What was your first dmk treatment experience like? Have you ever had anything like it?

I have never experienced a facial quite like it! It was so great that every treatment was tailored to my skin type and the lovely Donna was so great at explaining to me how each step would help to improve my skin’s appearance.

q3. Do you have any skin concerns?

I have quite sensitive skin and it definitely does not like changes in the weather – I tend to get dry when winter arrives!

q4. How important is good skin to you?

Good skin is so important, you want your skin to reflect how you feel inside and it is so awful when a breakout gets in the way. I think you always feel more confident when your skin is glowing!

q5. How has the miss universe Australia experience helped you grow as a person?

I think this experience has really highlighted both my strengths and weaknesses, it has forced me to push my boundaries in a positive way and as a result I feel that I have grown as a person.

q6. What would it mean to you to become miss universe Australia?

I think it would just be such an incredible experience and I would feel so fortunate to have such an amazing opportunity!

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A model and student by day, Melbournite, Saasha Burns, 24, is a one-of-a-kind beauty and a serious contender to take out the Miss Universe Australia crown.


q1. Are you enjoying your new dmk regime? Do you have a favourite product?

I couldn’t be happier with my DMK experience and feel so lucky to be receiving these incredible treatments in the lead up to the Miss Universe Australia final! The DMK products and treatments are the first I have come across that treat the skin below the surface. So many products rely on fragrance and texture and only act as a barrier on the skin. There is so much science behind DMK and the unique trans-dermal delivery system is really the first of its kind.
The Biogen C Crème together with the Herb & Mineral mist is transforming my skin, and each day my skin feels tighter, more radiant and more refined.

q2. What was your first dmk treatment experience like? Have you ever had anything like it?

After my first DMK treatment I was on cloud nine! I only wish I had discovered DMK sooner! Skin gives so much away about your health, your age, and your stress levels and I feel like I am always on the pursuit of healthy skin. The DMK enzyme treatment works to exfoliate and remove dead skin cell build-up and when the mask starts tightening and pulsating you can really feel it working!

q3. Do you have any skin concerns?

We are fortunate to live in an age of prevention so I think it is never too early to look after your skin and fight the effects of aging and environmental damage. I don’t always wear sun-block (and I love the outdoors) so I love the light and non-greasy trans-dermal sunscreen for sun protection. It’s perfect underneath makeup, and is a new permanent addition to my routine!

q4. Has using dmk helped/ changed your skin?

The results are amazing! The texture of my skin has improved and my skin feels so soft and hydrated throughout the day. People have commented on the bright appearance of my skin, and I don’t feel the need to wear foundation. I’m so excited to see such quick results!

q5. How has the miss universe Australia experience helped you grow as a person?

The competition is such an incredible journey of growth and change. It can be very hard at times putting so much of ‘you’ out there, but it is such a wonderful chance to show what qualities make us unique as young women. It has helped me to become strong, confident, more independent, compassionate and socially aware. It is such a positive journey and really brings out the best in you as a person.

q6. What would it mean to you to become miss universe Australia?

It would be life changing! I love that life never stops surprising me and you never know what is around the corner. I have learnt that the harder you work, the luckier you seem to get. I believe it is important to achieve your dreams with integrity and honesty, and to become Miss Universe Australia would give me a platform to voice my opinions, help others and become a positive role model for young women. I would love to work closely with Operation Smile and create awareness for the wonderful work they do for children.

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We caught up with another beautiful Queenslander, Silka Kurzak, to see what she thinks of DMK and her Miss Universe experience so far.

silka black and white

q1. Are you enjoying your new DMK regime? Do you have a favourite product?

I am definitely enjoying my DMK Regime. My favourite product other then the pro amino cream and the transdermal sunblock would have to be the eye tone, eye cream. Eye tone is fantastic at reducing dark circles and puffiness underneath the eye, something that I suffer from! So thank you DMK

q2. What was your first DMK treatment experience like? Have you ever had anything like it?

I have had facials and treatments before, but nothing like a DMK experience! It was so peaceful and relaxing! I had a lovely girl Mandy take great care of me. I loved the texture of the mask when it hardened and became really tight on my skin. You could actually feel it working and becoming harder! When it washed off, I had never felt so rejuvenated.

q3. Has using DMK helped/ changed your skin?

DMK has definitely helped change my skin! It has improved my skin by becoming more firm, balanced and blemish free.

q4. Have you ever known anyone to have his or her confidence knocked-down by acne?

Yes I have known many people to have had their confidence knocked down by acne; myself being one of them! DMK can help reduce acne and help you feel confident again!

q5. Would you recommend DMK’s Klear Collection to your friends who suffer with breakouts?

I would definitely recommend DMK’s Klear collection to my friends and family who suffer breakouts, because it has helped me with mine, so why not share the love?

q6. How has the Miss Universe Australia experience helped you grow as a person?

The Miss Universe experience has helped me grow in more than one way. It has helped me to get to know myself better; I know what I am good at, I know what I need to improve. It has given me great confidence along with motivation to be the best possible version of myself not only in looks but in the way I do things; The way I communicate, share, love, help and inspire other people. My friendship group has definitely expanded, there girls are beautiful inside and out! So overall, so far Miss universe Australia has been a truly positive experience to help me grow as a person and a leader.

More Miss Universe interviews to come! Stay tuned!

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